Meg Ryan


  1. "As the World Turns" (1982-84)  [Betsy Stewart Montgomery] (TV)
        - TV studio: CBS
        - "Meg Ryan played the role of Betsy on ATWT. She was a
          teenage then went to Oakdale Univ. She married Craig
          Montgomery but had a baby by Steve Andropolis who is now in
          prison in Greece.  Dani the daugther is now a high school
          student on ATWT.  Betsy was a very important figure for many
            - David Van Dommelen.

  2. Rich and Famous (1981)  [Debby at age eighteen]
        - Producent: Metro-Goldwin-Mayor Productions.
        - She played the daughter of Candice Bergen's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 11 Million. (Thanks to Robert Lindsley)

  3. Amy and the Angel (1982) [?]
        - Was a special production for an unknown TV network.

  4. "One of the Boys" (1982)  [Jane]  (TV)
        - TV studio: NBC
        - First telecast: January 23, 1982
        - Last telecast : August 20, 1982
        - Cast: Mickey Rooney (as Oliver Nugent), Dana Carvey (as Adam
          Shields), Nathan Lane, Francine Beers, Scatman Crothers.
          (Thanks to Erwin Smit)

  5. Amityville 3-D (1983)  [Lisa]
    (aka Amityville III: The Demon)
    (aka Amityville: The Demon)
        - Producent: Orion.
        - She played one of the friends of Lori Loughlin's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 6.3 million.  (Thanks to Mike Reagan)

  6. "Charles in Charge" (1984)  [Megan Harper] (TV)
        - Only a couple of episodes as Charles' girlfriend.
        - TV studio: CBS

  7. "Wildside" (1985) [Cally Oaks] (TV)
        - TV studio: ABC
        - First telecast: March 21, 1985
        - Last telecast: April 25, 1985
        - Cast: William Smith (as Brodie), J. Eddie Peck, Howard E.
          Rollins Jr., John DiAquino, Terry Funk, Sandy McPeak,
          Jon Fong, Kurt Fuller, Robin Hoff, Timothy Scott, Jason
          Hervey  (Thanks to Erwin Smit).

  8. Top Gun (1986)  [Carole]
        - Producent: Paramount.
        - Carole was Anthony Edward's (Goose) wife.
        - Only a few scenes in this one, this was where she was really
          first "noticed".
        - U.S Box Office: 177 million dollars.

  9. Armed and Dangerous (1986)  [Maggie Cavanaugh]
        - Producent: Frostback Productions for Columbia.
        - She played the daughter of the manager of the security firm.
        - U.S Box Office: 16 million.  (Thanks to Robert Lindsley)

  10. Innerspace (1987)  [Lydia Maxwell]
        - Producent:  Amblin/Guber-Peters Production.
        - Speelde de reporter, girlfriend of Dennis Quaid's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 26 million dollars.

  11. Promised Land (1988)  [Bev]
        - Producent: WildWood/Sundance Institute.
        - Speelde de wild and wacky wife to Kiefer Sutherland's
        - Fantastic performance, won raves from Leonard Maltin,
          Kathleen Carroll of the Daily News and numerous other
        - U.S Box Office: $316,000.  (Remember this was an independent
          film release)  (Thanks to Robert Lindsley for the figure)

  12. D.O.A. (1988)  [Sydney Fuller]
        - Producent: Touchstone/Silver Screen Partners III.
        - Speelde de student, love interest of Dennis Quaid's
        - U.S Box Office: 12.7 Million.  (Thanks to Robert Lindsley)

  13. Presidio, The (1988)  [Donna Caldwell]
        - Producent: Paramount.
        - Speelde de daughter of Sean Connery's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 20.04 Million.  (Thanks to Robert Lindsley)
        - There are two cuts of the film available on video. One
          US(NTSC) and a slightly longer European version(PAL).
          Certain bits of the first love scene was cut and the second
          love scene cut out altogether of the US video release.

  14. When Harry Met Sally... (1989) [Sally Albright]
        - Producent: Castle Rock Productions for Nelson.
        - Speelde de journalist, love interest of Billy Crystal's
        - CREDIT: Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a comedy role.
        - Nora Ephron won the BAFTA for Best Original Script. First
          person she thanked was Meg...
        - U.S Box Office: 93 million dollars (ninth highest of year)
        - Overseas Box-office: 60 Million dollars.
        - The second highest rental video for the year behind
          "Look Who's Talking".

  15. Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)  [DeDe/Angelica/Patricia]
        - Producent: Amblin Entertainment.
        - DeDe was the typist in the factory.
        - Angelica was the first daughter that we see of Lloyd
          Bridges' character.
        - Patricia was the second and last daughter of Bridges'
          character that we see.  Captain of the "Tweedle Dee".
        - U.S Box Office: 40 million dollars.

  16. "Captain Planet and the Planeteers"  (1990)
        - She was the voice of Dr. Blight.

  17. "Red Riding Hood/Goldilocks"  (1990)
        - Also known as "Storybook Classics"
        - She narrated the series.
        - TV studio: Showtime.

  18. Doors, The (1991)  [Pamela Courson]
        - Producent: Carolco Int./Mario Kassar.
        - Speelde Jim Morrison's wife.
        - U.S Box Office: 34.5 Million.  (Thanks to Robert Lindsley)

  19. Prelude to a Kiss (1992)  [Rita Boyle]
        - Producent: Gruskoff/Levy for Twentieth Century Fox.
        - Speelde de love interest of Alec Baldwin's character (the
          woman not the man!)
        - There are at least two versions of this film available on
          video. The full "cinema" PG-13 rated US version
          (104-06 mins), and shorter PG rated UK version(99 mins).
          Other versions are also possible...
        - U.S Box Office: 21 million dollars.

  20. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) [Annie Reed]
        - Producent: Gary Foster Productions for Columbia
        - Speelde de journalist, love interest of Tom Hanks'
        - CREDIT: Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a comedy role.
        - U.S Box Office: 128 million dollars.
        - Overseas Box Office: 101.2 million dollars.  Tristar's
          highest overseas earner of the year.
        - Earns a profit of 65 million dollars, the fifth largest
          profit earner of the year in the U.S.
        - The highest rental video for the year ahead of
          well...everything in 1994.

  21. Flesh and Bone (1993)  [Kay Davies]
        - Producent: Mirage/Spring Creek for Paramount.
        - Speelde de stripper at the bar, love interest of Dennis
          Quaid's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 13 million dollars.

  22. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)  [Alice Green]
        - Producent: Touchstone.
        - Speelde de alcoholic, wife of Andy Garcia's character.
        - CREDIT: Nominations for numerous acting awards, Golden
                  Globes and Oscars were not included however.  Screen
                  Actors Guild & Peoples Choice Awards were included.
        - U.S Box Office: 50 million dollars.

  23. I.Q. (1994)  [Katherine Boyd]
        - Producent:  Paramount.
        - Speelde Albert Einstein's niece, love interest of Tim
          Robbins' character.
        - U.S Box Office: 26.4 million dollars.

  24. Celebrate Storytelling With Tracey Ullman (1994) [Narrator]

  25. French Kiss (1995)  [Kate]
        - Producent: Fandango/Prufrock Pictures.
        - Speelde de fiancee of Timothy Hutton's character.
        - Opened at #1, in the following countries: US, UK, Australia,
          Japan, Switzerland, and Portugal.
        - U.S Box Office: 40 million dollars.

  26. Restoration (1994) [Katherine]
        - Restoration, the novel, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize
          in 1989/90. Book details: Author, Rose Tremain,
          ISBN 0-340-53044-8
        - Speelde een van Robert Downey Jnr's love interests, an asylum
          inmate I believe.  Her first film in years (since The Doors)
          that she has played only a supporting role.
        - U.S Box Office: 4.1 million dollars (limited release film)
        - Won two Academy awards in 1996.  For Best Costume Design and
          Best Art Direction.

  27. Courage Under Fire (1996) [Karen Walden]
        - Producent: 20th Century Fox.
        - Speelde een helicopter pilot during Desert Storm.
        - U.S Box Office: 60 million.

  28. Addicted to Love (1997) [Maggie]
        - Producent: Miramax Films/Outlaw Productions.
        - Speelde de love interest of Matthew Broderick's character.
        - U.S Box Office: 35 million.

  29. Anastasia (1997) [voice of Anya]
        - Producent: Fox 2000.
        - Provided the voice for Anya, excluding the singing.
        - Liz Callaway was the singing voice for Anya.
        - U.S Box Office: 58.3 million (and counting).

30. Northern Lights (1997) [Executive Producer]
        - Producent: Blue Relief, Disney TV, Prufrock
          Pictures, Alliance Communications.
        - Other notable names associated: Dianne Keaton stars and
        - For more info on this visit:

31. City of Angels (1998) [Maggie Rice]
        - Producent: Atlas Entertainment
        - Speelde de love interest of Nicolas Cage's character.
        - Opened at number one in US above Lost in Space & Titanic.
        - U.S Box Office: 15.4 million (and counting).


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